Meeting with Olvi’s – Meeting rooms, rental and creative space

Amsterdam, December 3th , 2019 – The Olvi’s brand expands its horizon and strengthens its roots for everyone to cherish the beauty of design. Beauty comes in all forms and so does Olvi’s incorporate it’s philosophy to all forms of life. The Olvi’s brand has launched its rental property at the famous shopping street PC Hooftstraat, with a creative and unique design.

The Property

Our property is in the heart of Amsterdam at the famous shopping street PC Hooftstraat. With a walking distance to the Vondelpark and a view over the Rijksmuseum, Olvi’s property offers a top locations for visitors. The property features three separate floors located over the House of Olvi’s, our flagship store. The individual design rooms are ready to be used for presentations, meetings, workshops or conferences. The building offer easy access to all floors with an elevator, a tea house for relaxing breaks and a garden to enjoy.

The Rooms

Meeting with Olvi’s rooms offer both space for productive business meeting and relaxation areas. Every each room, carefully decorated to the smallest detail. The first two floors offer a similar setup of the space. Two semi-separated rooms of which one is utilized for meeting purpose with a big table; The first floors offer two balconies accessible through both of the rooms and a lounging area to enjoy some bites and drinks. The second floor offers a similar setting with a different interior. Last but not least, the third floors offer a space with two smaller meeting tables, suitable for meetings, group work, creative brainstorming sessions and more. Decorated with light tones, airy and bright space with a little balcony, the space is calming.

Special services

Olvi’s world offers many possibilities and customized options for rental requests. We can take away your worries about any additional services so you can enjoy a productive and inspiring appointments and meetings. With our in store tea house, we can offer a service of tea, coffee as well as brunch and lunch for a perfect arrangement.


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